Revolutionizing the way the world sees the compliance management process.

C3Compliant hosts a comprehensive suite of solutions for information technology, privacy and compliance personnel, who can use the C3Compliant ecosystem to make sure organizations meet or exceed HIPAA, PCI, NIST and FFIE standards.

C3Compliant leverages leading technologies and advanced professional services to:

Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Report suspicious emails with one easy click of the Tracker button from your Microsoft Outlook ribbon, run simulated campaigns throughout your organization, gain insight into where vulnerabilities exist in your environment, and set security awareness trainings for your organization. All information shared between PhishPro and the end user is transmitted through encrypted connection.

Plugin for Office 365

Share files securely with individuals or groups of people inside and outside your organization. With its built-in audit trails and audit logs you can track every activity performed on the shared files. SecureFileHub’s comprehensive data encryption and multi-factor authentication provide the highest level of security and supports HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, and other industry regulations.

IP Intelligence Service

U.S. Patented Repulsa technology will filter incoming and outgoing data against its exclusive master list of known worldwide threats and block incoming data from and outgoing data to malicious sites. We host our master list of over 700 million malicious sites that could pose threats to your organization in the cloud and update it several times a day by aggregating data from hundreds of sources.

Customer Data Protection: C3Compliant handles your data with extreme care. We do not sell your contact data or other information to third parties because we follow HIPAA, PCI and NIST Cybersecurity guidelines. We have a very stringent Data Privacy Policy and Procedures. We do not market or use your information for any market research or analysis. So, what do we do with your data? We use your data to enhance the security of the system as a whole to benefit all the users of the system, to whitelist or blacklist IPs or DNS or spam functionality, for sharing functionality and for adding to block list functionality.

All products and services are fully owned and managed by C3Compliant, LLC.

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